About Matcha

For the tea lovers, tree huggers, gluten-intolerant, vegan and dairy-free friends alike, Matcha Queen Green Tea Powder is the green tea for you!

You don’t have to be a foodie, or a drinkie, or a tea enthusiast or health fanatic to enjoy the benefits of Matcha Queen Green Tea, but if you are, you shall appreciate it beyond measures.

Matcha Queen Green Tea is one of the highest quality, purest green teas from Nishio, Aichi Prefecture, Japan and was introduced in early 2016 when founder Whitney Chaffin added it to her training regimen for the Miss Florida USA pageant. She lost a total of 30 pounds while drinking the tea when she combined it with regular exercise.

Matcha Queen Green Tea is not a diet powder or a get-skinny-quick trick. It is a special form of green tea that is hand-picked and stone-ground into a fine green tea powder. Traditionally, it is mixed together with hot water and whisked until it becomes frothy, offering better flavor and texture than traditional green tea, along with several other benefits that can sometimes lead to weight loss and an overall better health.

Matcha Queen Green Tea is much more potent than steeped green tea and other blends of Matcha, providing nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and has been tied to protecting against heart disease, cancer, blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction, and anti-aging. It is known to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss from its content of EGCG, which is a polyphenol that also can slow the growth of cancer cells.

This product contains caffeine that may be as much as three times a cup of steeped tea, so it’s oftentimes used as a pre-workout for our bodybuilder friends and as a wake up call for our sleepyheads. Rest assured, though, Matcha Queen Green Tea powder will not give you the jitters like a coffee buzz, but instead, gives you what most would call an “alert calm” or an “awakened mental state” due to its ability to induce relaxation without the drowsiness.

The preparation of Matcha Green Tea in general is the focus of Japanese tea ceremonies, and it has long been associated with Zen and meditation. The preparation and process of sipping Matcha Queen Green Tea can become a way for you to engage in your surroundings, slow down, and really be in the moment. The benefits of drinking Matcha Queen Green Tea extend far beyond the antioxidants it provides, because meditation, in any form, has a myriad of rewards. It’s been shown to reduce cortisol (a stress hormone known to drive appetite and increase belly fat), lower inflammation (a known trigger of premature aging and disease), curb impulsive eating, lower blood pressure, and boost self-esteem and compassion.

Matcha Queen Green Tea has the highest levels of antioxidants and a natural sweetness from the L-theanine (amino acid). This particular blend of Matcha is thick, Koicha, which is mellow, smooth and has a deep taste. It offers an elegant aroma, is vivid green in color, and is very complex yet sophisticated overall, much like the consumers who drink it. =)

Matcha Queen Green Tea is 100% green tea, with no additives or sugars. It is Organic Certified by JAS & USDA and is sold by the tin and distributed nationwide from Delray Beach, FL. Each tin is 30g in weight (1.1 oz) and is good for approximately 20-30 servings.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.